NSB and Nettbuss are coming together as Vy

We, the NSB group, are uniting our train and bus services in Norway and Sweden under a new, common brand: Vy. Our goal is to take you wherever you want to go, from door to door. With Vy, traveling sustainably will be easy.

The NSB Group operates rail and bus services in Norway and Sweden including Norway’s largest bus company, Nettbuss. By bringing our rail and bus services together, we are making it even easier to travel sustainably. But to do this, we need a new, unified identity.

Our current name – the Norwegian State Railways – no longer adequately describes what we do. Our passengers travel by bus, train and shared electric car, yet we are just one of several train operators on the Norwegian rails. We no longer own the track, signals, stations or even the trains themselves, but continue to work hard to provide our passengers with a great journey. A new name with strengthen the competitiveness of both our rail and bus services.

The name Vy

Vy is a Scandinavian word meaning outlook, and vision – as in something you set your sights on. For us, the name Vy means having the vision and ambition to create the transport solutions of tomorrow. Punctuality and a high standard of service remain our top priorities, and we will do all that we can to make your journey with us even better.

From door to door

New technologies make it possible for us to offer modern and flexible solutions for our passengers. Imagine traveling seamlessly wherever you want to go, door to door. Not just station to station, or bus stop to bus stop. Soon you will be able to find and book both bus and train tickets in the same place: Vy’s website and app. Traveling sustainably should be easy, whether your journey is by rail, bus, shared electric car, or new ways no one has thought of yet. That’s good for you, good for society, and good for the environment.

If we are to succeed in reducing emissions, we must create more sustainable solutions. For example, how can we make it easier for people to live in Oslo without owning a car? Our answer – Din Bybil (Your City Car). We have invested in 250 electric vehicles to be used for car sharing in Oslo. By downloading the Your City Car app, you can find the nearest car, unlock it, and drive where you need to go.

Big changes take time

It will take some time before we have everything in place, so changes will come gradually. Soon you will see our websites and apps updated, a new look on our trains and buses, and our crew in new uniforms. And, perhaps most importantly, we will create entirely new solutions that will make your journey easier and more sustainable.

Welcome to Vy. We look forward to welcoming you on board!