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Bane NOR is carrying out planned improvement works Monday-Friday from 23. April to 18. May on the Kongsvinger-Årnes line. See details below.

Affected lines:

l14   Asker-Kongsvinger  |  Kongsvinger-Asker

We recommend that you calculate extra time as alternative transport usually takes longer than the train.
Rules for baggage on board alternative transport are the same as for trains.
For planned improvement works where NSB is driving alternative transport instead of trains, it will not be possible to bring bicycles.
This is due to a limited load on alternative transport, and therefore priority must be given to luggage rather than shipping of bicycles.
This applies to Oslo-Bergen, Oslo-Stavanger, Oslo-Trondheim and Trondheim-Bodø.
Rules for luggage and bicycles.

l14 Asker-Kongsvinger

Train from Asker 08:39, 12:39, Oslo S 15:32 and 16:32:

tog Trains are running from Asker to Årnes.
buss Buses are running from Årnes to Kongsvinger. The buses will wait for the trains to arrive.

Other trains are running according to schedule.

l14 Kongsvinger-Asker

Train from Kongsvinger 06:05, 07:08, 10:36 and 13:34:

buss Buses are running from Kongsvinger to Årnes. Note: The buses run 15 minutes earlier from Kongsvinger and 10 minutes earlier from Skarnes than the train schedule, in order to catch the trains at Årnes.
tog Trains are running from Årnes and Asker.

Other trains are running according to schedule.

For more information, please call the NSB Call Centre on 61051910.       I-Sirk 18-074