The Norwegian National Rail Administration is carrying out planned improvement works on the Grefsen-Roa line from 11:25 on Saturday 13 June to 05:40 on Sunday 14 June. The line will be closed to train traffic.

Details of replacement services will be available before closure of the line.

Affected lines:

L3  Oslo S-Jaren | Jaren-Oslo S
R30  Oslo S-Gjøvik | Gjøvik-Oslo S

Affected stations:

  • Grefsen
  • Nydalen
  • Kjelsås
  • Snippen
  • Movatn
  • Nittedal
  • Åneby
  • Varingskollen
  • Hakadal
  • Stryken
  • Furumo
  • Grua
  • Roa

We regret that delays are to be expected and we apologise for any inconvenience.       F-Sirk xxx-åå

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