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Every month, Minipris tickets are made available.

Minipris tickets can be purchased online here at, using our app, or from our ticket machines. Minipris is an offer determined by the interaction of demand and availability. Consequently, price may vary over time and you may find fewer Minipris tickets on the most popular departures.

Tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to the date of travel. This applies to both online, mobile and ticket machine purchases. Once purchased, Minipris tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. There is an additional administration cost of NOK 50,- per ticket per person if you choose to buy your ticket from the NSB call centre or one of our manned stations.

Minipris at

In the Travel Planner, select your departure and destination stations. At the "Time of travel/Price" step, select Minipris in the "Lowest price" column for the departure you want. If no Minipris tickets are listed, this means we have sold out the requested departure.

If your journey involves a change of train, our suggested itinerary and list of train departures will be designed to give you the shortest possible overall travelling time. Minipris only applies for the full journey if all the trains are NSB Regiontog (inter-city train) services.

Minipris terms and conditions .