Transfer times

When a journey involves a change of trains, the tranfer time is defined at a minimum of 30 minutes for NSB Lokaltog (commuter train) services and 60 minutes for NSB Regiontog (inter-city train) services.

Please take into account train arrivals at airports and flight check-in times. Specifically, 60/30 minutes extra time must be allowed for arrival at airports in addition to the airline's check-in time.

For journeys with a shorter transfer time, you are not entitled to a refund in the event of delay* or service interruption, even if the journey was booked by using the Travel Planner at You can in other words not make a claim for reimbursement of expenses for alternative transportation etc. as a result of a lost connection.

*Delay means late arrival at the destination in accordance to NSB’s timetable. Considerable delay means a delay of more than 60 minutes for all NSB’s trains between Oslo and Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen, Oslo and Kristiansand/Stavanger and Trondheim and Bodø, and more than 30 minutes for other trains.