Student discount terms and conditions

The discount is available to students studying in Norway and students studying abroad at universities, colleges, academies and similar educational institutions and pupils at state schools and approved private schools of a similar kind. The student discount for season tickets applies to students/pupils between 16 and 30 years old.

The educational institution must have a term lasting at least 3 months. The discount applies only when the student/pupil is engaged in ordinary education, and does not apply to single-term special courses or traineeships.

Pupils’ school attendance and studies must be their primary activity, with ordinary education as the goal. With respect to school/college attendance, pupils/trainees must not be receiving wages or other remuneration. An exception is made for apprentices and trainee healthcare assistants who are allowed a discount while they are attending college. Bursaries and grants are not considered as wages in this context.

Student teachers and adults in full commercial employment are not eligible for discounts. The scheme does not apply to correspondence schools, short-term evening classes and service training establishments (in the Norwegian Armed Forces, Posten Norge etc.). Aside from the general applicability requirements, adults undertaking the ‘Norwegian language and society for adult immigrants’ course’ are eligible for a student discount. This scheme includes training institutions which offer permanent full-time training in the evening, and which are not correspondence schools.

The discount also applies to students studying outside Norway. The same provisions and ID requirements apply as for Norwegian students. If the student has approved, valid confirmation of payment of term fees for a school or college with a term of more than 3 months in Norway or abroad, the discount requirement is fulfilled when ID is shown. Tickets are only valid in combination with valid ID.

What is valid ID?

  • Student card/certificate with valid term stamp and photo
  • Certification from school/college confirming attendance during the current term. Combined with bank card, driving licence, passport or other approved photo ID
  • ISIC card with NSB logo and logo to school/college
  • ISIC card with NSB logo and text saying discount only applies along with valid confirmation of payment of term fee
  • ANSA card does not provide entitlement to discounts