Refund conditions for our different ticket types

Here you will find the refund terms and conditions for NSB's different ticket types and how to proceed in order to obtain a refund for your ticket.

Getting a ticket refund

If you have purchased an ordinary ticket but are unable to travel, this is how to cancel your ticket:

  • Cancel your ticket at 
  • Contact the NSB Call Centre on +47 61 05 19 10 well before the departure time of your train. If your ticket has a reference number on it, you will need to provide that. 
  • You can also contact the ticket desk at one of our manned stations well before the departure time of your train. 
  • Standard tickets are refunded if cancelled before the departure time, subject to an administration fee. 
  • Note that your refund may take a few days to reach your account. 
  • Please also note that tickets that have been issued/generated must be sent in.

Cancel and refund

You can cancel your ticket within 4 hours after purchase; this qualifies for a full refund. Cancelling your tickets bought at or using our app is easily done yourself, whilst tickets bought using one of our ticket machines must be cancelled at one of our manned stations or calling the NSB call centre.

The money will be refunded to your account within a few days.