Booking conditions

Here is an overview of NSB's the travel and transport conditions that apply to our tickets.

  • NSB customers who experience more than 30 minutes’ delay on their travel are entitled to a refund of 50 percent of the ticket price on most lines.

  • The following sets out NSB's conditions of carriage - the general guidelines applicable to persons travelling on an NSB train.

  • Here you will find the refund terms and conditions for NSB's various ticket types and how to proceed in order to obtain a refund for your ticket.

  • Students aged 16 to 30 years old are entitled to a student discount by presenting a valid student ID. Click to see more information about the student discount.

  • The train transfer time is set to a minimum of 30 min for NSB Lokaltog (commuter train) services and 60 min for NSB Regiontog (inter-city train) services.