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Our app lets you purchase tickets wherever you are, around the clock. Your mobile also acts as your ticket when you are in the train.

With a few simple key presses, you can also get information about your journey direct to your mobile. Start using our app today - it's your pocket-sized ticket machine.

mobile How to use this service

1. Create an account on and add a payment card. Remember to confirm that you want to save your card details. If you already have an account, use that to log in. If you have a Norwegian phone number, you can create an account and add a paymentcard within the app. 
2. Download NSB’s iPhone or Android. It’s available from the App Store or Google Play.
3. Buy your ticket using your mobile Log in to your account and purchase a ticket! You can also buy and renew your season ticket.

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ticket Single-journey or season ticket?

Single tickets

It is easy to buy single tickets on your mobile, and you can also purchase additional onboard products such as NSB Komfort. Your ticket is stored on your mobile, so you need to bring it with you on your journey.

Season tickets

You can also use the app to buy and renew season tickets. For this, you need an NSB travel card to download your season ticket to. You can do this at one of our ticket machines or card readers at the station. Find out more about season tickets and travel cards .

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