Trondheim - Værnes – Airport train to Værnes Airport

Flying from Trondheim Airport Værnes? Avoid traffc and expensive parking by starting your journey by train.

The train from Trondheim S to Værnes has 21 departures every day between 05:15 am to 11:40 pm. The last departure from Værnes to Trondheim S is at 10:54 pm.

Værnes train station is attached to Trondheim Airport Værnes. The journey from Trondheim Central Station to Værnes takes about 30 mins and tickets are only NOK 86. We have discounts for students, military discounts and discounted tickets for seniors.

How to get from Trondheim to Værnes with NSB?

You can get the local train and the regional train towards Værnes (Trondheim Airport) from Trondheim Central Station. The journey with the regional train takes 32 mins while the local train takes 34 mins. The regional train goes directly to Værnes without stopping, while the local train stops where needed on the way. You can travel by both the local train and the regional train from Værnes and back to Trondheim S as well.

Click here for timetables and more information about the Trondheim – Værnes stretch.