The Sørland Railway

The Sørland Railway takes you from Oslo past Kristiansand to Stavanger through contrasting scenery. The whole journey takes approximately 8 hours. The train has four daily departures, and also runs as a night train with sleeping compartments.


The train is an easy and comfortable way of travelling in Norway. If you want to break up the journey there are plenty of interesting destinations and attractions to visit along the route.

Map and stations on the Sørland Railway

The Sørland Railway stops at the following stations between Oslo and Stavanger:

Oslo S
Lysaker station
Asker station
Drammen station
Hokksund station
Kongsberg station
Nordagutu station  - connections with the Bratsbergbanen to Porsgrunn/Skien
Bø station
Lunde station
Drangedal station
Neslandsvatn station
Gjerstad station
Vegårshei station
Nelaug station
Arendal station
Vennesla station
Kristiansand station
Nodeland station
Breland station
Marnardal station
Audnedal station
Snartemo station
Storekvina station
Gyland station
Sira station
Moi station
Egersund station
Bryne station
Sandnes sentrum
Jåttåvågen station
Stavanger S

Jæren line  

The Sørland Railway consists of several intersections that were built from the west, south and east. Among them is The Jæren line -  the scenic stretch between Egersund and Stavanger.

Timetables for the Sørland Railway

The journey between Oslo and Stavanger takes about 8 hours, and the Sørland railway has 16 daily departures.  Below are timetables and traffic information for the most popular stretches: 

Oslo – Stavanger Stavanger Oslo
Oslo - Kristiansand      Stavanger – Kristiansand
Oslo – Arendal Stavanger - Arendal
Oslo – Drammen Stavanger - Egersund
Oslo – Bø  

If you are travelling to or from other stations you can search for timetables here.

Attractions and destinations along the Sørland Railway

From Stavanger, the city where narrow fjords, wild mountains, open sea and soft coastlines converge, there are varied and contrasting experiences to be enjoyed as the train makes its way towards Oslo.

Jæren line – The Seaview Rail

The Jæren line is the train line between Egersund and Stavanger. It takes you on a scenic trip across fertile hills along the sandy beaches of the North Sea. We now offer an organized tour that combines a trip with the Jæren line with sightseeing in the picturesque Egersund village. Read more about the Jæren line and the “Seaview rail” tour.


Kristiansand is a charming seaside town with beaches, festivals and a relaxed southern atmosphere. If you have children you should visit Kristiansand zoo and amusement park -one of Norway’s most popular family attractions. Here you can meet exotic animals, famous Norwegian pirates and try out plenty of fun rides. Read more about Kristiansand .

The southern coastline and Arendal

From the Sørland Railway there are connections by bus to the charming coastal towns in Agder. From Nelaug station you can take the Arendal Railway to Arendal (a side track on the Sørland Railway). Arendal is a lovely town with beaches, festivals, art and culture.


From the gentle coast, the train weaves its way towards the valleys of Telemark, which are steeped in tradition. Visit the Gaustatoppen mountain or take a boat ride on the Telemark canal. Families with children should also visit the amusement park Bø sommarland.


In Kongsberg you will find silver mines, excellent hiking areas and alpine skiing facilities.

Tour with the Sørland Railway with Fjord Tours

Fjord Tours organize popular round trips by train to some of Norway’s best attractions. One of their tours includes the Sørland Railway, a trip to the Pulpit rock, The Flåm Railway, The Bergen Railway and a cruise on the fjords. You can take the trip from Oslo, Stavanger or Bergen and will need to spend a minimum of 3-4 days. Read more about the tour “The Pulpit rock and Norway in a nutshell” .

Facilities on the Sørland Railway

These facilities are available on the Sørland Railway:

Prices and tickets

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