The Røros Railway

The Røros railway runs between Hamar, Røros and Trondheim through the rough and beautiful wilderness in Østerdalen. The whole journey between Hamar and Trondheim takes five hours. The line has got its name from the former mining town of Røros.

The town is simply unique - a modern community, in which people live and work right in the middle of a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Map and stations on the Røros Railway

Although Hamar and Trondheim are regarded as the end stations, the train starts its journey northwards from Oslo. The Røros railway stops at the following stations between Hamar and Trondheim: 

Hamar station
Ilseng station
Løten station
Elverum station
Rena station
Steinvik station
Opphus station
Evenstad station
Stai station
Koppang station
Atna station
Hanestad station
Bellingmo station
Alvdal station
Auma station
Tynset station
Tolga station
Os station
Røros station
Glåmos station
Reitan station
Ålen station
Haltdalen station
Langlete station
Singsås station
Kotsøy station
Rognes station
Støren station
Melhus station
Heimdal station
Marienborg station
Trondheim S

The railway has connections to the Dovre Railway in Hamar and Støren and to the Solør Railway in Elverum.  

Facilities on the Røros Railway

The Røros railway offers these facilities:

Prices and tickets

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Timetables on the Røros Railway

The Røros Railway departs approximately every two hours between Røros and Hamar with good connections to Oslo. Between Røros and Trondheim there are two daily departures.  Below are timetables and traffic information for the most popular stretches on the Røros Railway: 

If you are travelling to or from other stations you can search for the timetables here.