The Rauma Railway

The Rauma Railway running between Åndalsnes and Dombås is known as one of Norway’s wildest and most beautiful train journeys. The tour takes you through the beautiful Romsdalen to famous natural attractions like the Trollveggen cliff face and the Kylling bridge. The whole trip takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. At Dombås there are train connections to Oslo and Trondheim.

The Rauma Railway runs as a sightseeing train from the end of May to the end of August. On the train there is a guide service in Norwegian, English and German. All passengers receive a brochure describing the highlights of your journey and a map of the train line. The train will slow down at the best sights.  

Map and stations at the Rauma Railway

The Rauma Railway stops at the following stations between Dombås and Åndalsnes:  

Dombås station
Lesja station
Lesjaverk station
Bjorli station
Åndalsnes station

At Dombås there is a connection with the Dovre Railway to Oslo or Trondheim .   

Timetables for the Rauma Railway

The Rauma Railway has at least 4 daily departures from Dombås and Åndalsnes. Below you can find timetables and traffic information:

Dombås - Åndalsnes        Åndalsnes - Dombås

If you are travelling to or from other stations you can search for the timetables here.

Attractions and destination along the Rauma Railway

Once on board the train, all you need to do is sit back, gaze through the large windows and enjoy your journey through a landscape of wild magnificence, full of contrasts.

The whole journey is 114 kilometres long with a difference in altitude of 644 metres. You will see steep cliffs plunging vertically to the valley floor among majestic, jagged alpine peaks and lush, curving hillsides climbing towards great rounded mountain plateaus that extend into unspoiled national parks.

The beautiful, emerald-green river Rauma will follow you right outside the train window for much of your trip. The river’s character is constantly shifting – one moment flowing gently past small beaches of white sand before transforming into a wild torrent, cascading down rapids at breakneck speed.

The train will run at slow speed through the most spectacular scenery, as for instance the famous Kylling Railway Bridge and the Trollveggen cliff face.

The Kylling Bridge

The Rauma Railway crosses 32 bridges, and among them is the famous Kylling Bridge crossing the Rauma River. The Kylling Bridge is an architectonical masterpiece. It took ten years to complete the bridge which is built by using granite from the mountains next to it.      

Trollveggen cliff face

The Trollveggen cliff face is a mighty view from the train window. The vertical cliff face of 1000 metres is the highest in Northern Europe.

Guided tour during summer

From June to August we offer a guided tour service:

  • Guiding by speaker in Norwegian, English and German
  • All passengers will get a map and a brochure describing the tour highlights

Take the train to Bjorli ski resort during winter    

Bjorli ski resort is popular among ski enthusiasts, and known for its snowy winters from early autumn to Easter. The ski resort is only 1 km. from Bjorli station at the Rauma Railway. 

Travel to Ålesund   

From Åndalsnes there are several buses to the Jugend town of Ålesund. The buses correspond with the Rauma Railway. Read more at  Visit Åndalsnes

Roundtrip with the Rauma Railway with Fjord Tours

During summer Fjord Tours organize a round trip that includes the Rauma railway, a cruise on the Geiranger Fjord, a trip with the Hurtigruten coastal line and trips with the Bergen Railway and the Flåm railway. You can travel from Oslo, Bergen or Ålesund and will need to spend a minimum of 3 days on the trip. Read more about the tour “Geiranger and Norway in a nutshell”  

Facilities on the Rauma Railway

The Rauma Railway has the following facilities on board:

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Information for foreign tour operators

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