The Randsfjord Railway

The Randsfjord Railway runs between Hønefoss and Hokksund and connects the Bergen Railway (to Oslo and Bergen) with the Sørland Railway (to Oslo and Kristiansand). The journey between Hønefoss and Hokksund takes 45 minutes, and the train departs four times a day.

Map and stations on the Randsfjord Railway

The Randsfjord railway stops at the following stations between Hønefoss and Hokksund: 


In Hønefoss there is a connection with the Bergen Railway to Oslo and Bergen. From Hokksund there is a connection with the Sørland Railway to Kristiansand and Stavanger.

Prices and tickets

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Timetables for the Randsfjord Railway

Below you can find timetables and traffic information for the most popular stretches:

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