The Østfold Railway/Gothenburg

Starting from Oslo, the Østfold railway runs to Halden Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad. Several trains continue to Sweden. The train has frequent departures all day.

The Østfold Railway has a Western and an Eastern line. Several of the departures on the Western line continue to Gothenburg in Sweden.

Map and stations at the Østfold Railway – Western line

The journey between Oslo and Halden takes less than two hours. The train stops at the following stations:

Oslo S
Ski station
Moss station
Fredrikstad station
Sarpsborg station
Halden station

Several trains continue to Gothenburg. The train stops on these stations in Sweden:  


Map and stations on the Østfold Railway – Eastern Line

The Eastern line on the Østfold Railway runs form Ski to Sarpsborg. The railway runs through Inner Østfold county through Askim, Mysen and Rakkestad. In Sarpsborg there are connections to Halden:

Ski station
Askim station
Mysen station
Sarpsborg station

Facilities on the Østfold Railway

On the Østfold Railway you will find these facilities onboard:

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Timetables on the Østfold Railway

The Østfold Railway has frequent departures, approximately every two hours. Below you can find timetables and traffic information for the most popular stretches: 

Western line

Eastern line (connection from Ski)