The Ofoten Railway

The Ofoten Railway is a 43 kilometre long railway that runs between the port of Narvik and the Swedish border Riksgränsen where the line continues into Sweden. The beautiful train journey is a hidden gem in Northern Norway, and is becoming increasingly popular among tourists.

The Ofoten Railway is an important freight line between Norway and Sweden, but there are also daily passenger trains on the line operated by the Swedish railway.

Map and stops on the Ofoten Railway

The Ofoten Railway stops at the following stations between Narvik and Riksgränsen (Sweden):

Narvik station
Rombak station
Katterat station
Søsterbekk station
Bjørnfjell station

The train then continues into Sweden.

Prices and tickets

You can buy tickets at the station or book in advance on (Swedish rail). 

Timetables on the Ofoten Railway

The passenger train service is operated by the Swedish railway, and you can search for timetables on the SJ website.