Jærbanen – a train ride along the North Sea

Jærbanen is the train line running along the Southern Norwegian coast from Egersund to Stavanger. It is a beautiful train journey with a stunning view to the North Sea and the sandy beaches of Jæren. The whole trip takes about an hour, and the train has frequent departures all day.

Timetables for Jærbanen

Jærbanen has frequent departures all day. Here you will find timetables and traffic information for the most popular stretches: 

If you are travelling to or from other stations you can search for timetables here.   

The 75 kilometre long Jærebanen is an important mean of transport for the locals, but the beautiful stretch named the “Seaview rail” is also becoming increasingly popular among tourists.

You can even book an organised tour that combines Jærbanen with a visit to the charming sea town of Egersund and a bus ride along the national tourist route “the North Sea road”.

Map and stations at the Jærbanen Seaview rail

Jærbanen stops at the following stations between Stavanger and Egersund:   

Stavanger station
Paradis station
Mariero station
Jåttåvågen station
Gausel station
Sandnes sentrum station
Skeiane station
Ganddal station
Øksnavadporten station
Klepp station
Bryne station
Nærbø station
Varhaug station
Vigrestad station
Brusand station
Ogna station
Sirevåg station
Hellvik station
Egersund station  

Prices and tickets

Find fares and book your tickets in our travelplanner below.  

Organised tour with Jærbanen from Stavanger

Explore the Seaview Rail on a round trip from Stavanger! The tour takes 4,5 hours and is available all summer.  The tour will take you through a natural and cultural landscape which is unique in Norway. The tour starts in Stavanger with a train ride across Jæren’s wide horizons, open landscapes and endless ocean, past the sandy beaches and soft dunes. This trip is customised for groups, and can be booked by contacting Guidecompaniet. (post@guidecompaniet.no)