The Gjøvik Railway

The Gjøvik Railway runs between Oslo and Gjøvik along Nordmarka, Hadeland and Eina. The whole journey takes approximately two hours, and there are frequent departures from Oslo and Gjøvik. The Gjøvik Railway is important for commuters as well as for outdoor enthusiasts going to the recreational areas at the outskirts of Oslo.

Map and stations on the Gjøvik Railway

The Gjøvik Railway stops at the following stations between Oslo and Gjøvik:

Oslo S
Grefsen stasjon
Nydalen stasjon
Kjelsås stasjon
Nittedal stasjon
Stryken stasjon
Grua stasjon
Roa stasjon
Lunner stasjon
Gran stasjon
Jaren stasjon
Bleiken stasjon
Eina stasjon
Reinsvoll stasjon
Raufoss stasjon
Gjøvik stasjon

Facilities on the Gjøvik Railway 

You have access to the following facilities on the Gjøvik Railway:

Prices and tickets

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Timetable for the Gjøvik Railway

The Gjøvik Railway departs every two hours all day, and more frequently during rush hours. Below you can find timetables and traffic information for some of the most popular stretches:

If you are travelling to or from other stations you can search for the timetables here.