Flåm Railway

The Flåm Railway is an incredible train journey that takes you from the high mountain plateau at Myrdal down the steep valley to the fjord by Flåm. The Flåm Railway is one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions. The journey takes about an hour.


The Flåm Railway is open all year, and has a connection with the Bergen Railway at Myrdal station. The railway is one of the world’s steepest train rides on a regular track with an altitude difference of 865,5 metres. The journey was ranked as no 1 in Lonely planet Traveller’s  list of "The World’s most incredible train journeys of 2014".  

Expedia filmed the ride and gives you a 360° perspective of the experience. See the video on expedia.no  

Map and stations on the Flåm Railway

The train between Myrdal and Flåm stops at the following stations:

Myrdal station – Corresponding with the Bergen Railway (Bergen-Oslo)
Vatnahalsen station
Reinunga station
Kjosfossen station
Blomheller station
Berekvam station
Håreina Station
Lunden station
Flåm station

Prices and tickets for the Flåm Railway

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Timetables for the Flåm Railway

The Flåm Railway runs all year, but has more frequent departures in summer. Below you can find timetables for the stretch Myrdal -Flåm:

If you are travelling to or from other stations on the Flåm railway you can search for the timetables here .