The Bergen Railway

The Bergen Railway between Oslo and Bergen is considered one of the world’s most scenic train rides. There are four daily departures from Oslo and Bergen The 7 hour journey brings you across one of Europe’s highest mountain plateaus, and takes you to through spectacular and varied nature. At Myrdal you can take a detour with the famous Flåm Railway.


The Bergen railway is a comfortable and easy way to travel. Travelling by train is an excellent way of exploring Norway, and the Bergen Railway takes you to some of the country’s best natural attractions. If you prefer to travel at night the Bergen Railway operates as a night train with sleeping compartments. 

Stations on the Bergen Railway

The Bergen Railway stops at the following stations between Oslo and Bergen: 

Oslo S
Sandvika station
Lysaker station
Asker station
Drammen station
Hokksund station
Vikersund station
Hønefoss station
Flå station
Nesbyen station
Gol station
Ål station
Geilo station
Ustaoset station
Haugastøl station
Finse station
Myrdal (connection with the Flåm Railway)
Voss station
Dale station
Arna station
Bergen station

Facilities on the Bergen Railway

You have access to the following facilities on the Bergen Railway:

Prices and tickets

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Timetables for the Bergen Railway

The whole journey between Oslo and Bergen takes seven hours, and there are four departures a day from Oslo and four departures from Bergen. Below you can find timetables and traffic information for the most popular stretches:

If you are travelling to or from other stations you can search for the timetables here.