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NSB takes you to several of the most attractive destinations in Norway. The Norwegian scenery often times makes the travel itself an attraction.

  • Find information about opening hours, maps and other details about the train stations.

  • The Nordland Railway (or Northern Railway) runs between the historic city of Trondheim and the beautiful Northern town of Bodø. The whole journey takes about 10 hours.

  • NSB trains stop at Norway's largest airports; Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Torp and Værnes. See how you can get to the airport by train.

  • Here you will find an overview of all NSB stations in Norway as well as locally in Østlandet. You can download both maps as .pdf.

  • Bring your family on the train! Here are some great family-and water parks ideal for excursions using NSB traina. Enjoy!

  • Here you will get information about ordering train tickets outside Norway as well as international travel planners.

  • Fjord Tours offers trips that take you to some of the most popular destinations in Norway.