Our destinations

  • Here we list NSB's manned and unmanned stations. To find the specific station you are interested in, use the search box, click the first letter of the name, or simply scroll through the list.

  • Here you will get information about all our different regional railway lines.

  • NSB trains stop at Norway's largest airports; Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Torp and Værnes. See how you can get to the airport by train.

  • Here you will find an overview of all NSB stations in Norway as well as locally in Østlandet. You can download both maps as .pdf.

  • Bring your family on the train! Here are some great family-and water parks ideal for excursions using the train. Enjoy!

  • Here you will get information about ordering train tickets outside Norway as well as international travel planners.

  • Fjord Tours have trips that take you to some of the most popular destinations in Norway.