Taking luggage on board

Our trains are designed so you can take your luggage with you, and carry and stow it yourself. There is an allowance of 30 kilos (max 3 items) for hand luggage.

Ski equipment

You are very welcome to take your skies or snowboard with you on the train. Skies must be placed in the designated area and you are responsible for them throughout the journey.

If you are taking skies with you on the train, make sure they are safely packed. Ski bags can be obtained from NSB at the station.


Trains on which you can reserve a space for a bicycle are marked with a bicycle symbol in the timetable. We recommend you buy your bicycle ticket when making your own ticket reservation. You can buy tickets for your bicycle from the NSB Call Centre on 815 00 888/(+47) 23 62 00 00, nsb.no or from a manned station.

The fare for cycles will be half the standard ticket price, up to a maximum of NOK 204,- except on the Bergen Line in the summer season.


Prams and strollers are welcome on board, there are spaces available on all NSB trains. Please remember to book a space for the pram/stroller in advance.

In Oslo-Akershus the staff on board determines how many pram/stroller the train will carry. It is only allowed to bring a folded pram/stroller in the sleeping compartment.


If you are travelling as a group, and want help with transporting your luggage, we have an external partner who can organise this for you. For more information, see porterservice.no.

Left something on the train?

If you have left something on the train by mistake, please contact Oslo Central Station, Trondheim, Bergen or Stavanger's Lost Property Office.