NSB Sove - dream your way to your destination

Go to sleep in one town and wake up in a different part of Norway.

Check in

You can check in and get your key to the sleeping couch on board in NSB Kafé.

Oslo–Trondheim kl. 22.15
Trondheim–Oslo kl. 22.10

Oslo–Bergen kl. 22.35
Bergen–Oslo kl. 22.15

Trondheim–Bodø kl. 23.05
Bodø–Trondheim kl. 20.50

Stavanger–Kristiansand–Oslo kl. 22.00
Oslo–Kristiansand–Stavanger kl. 22.05

Kristiansand-Oslo: check in according to timetable.

There is only one wake-up call, announced via speaker 15 minutes before you have to leave the train at the final stop.


NSB Sove offers comfortable sleeping compartments with two 75 cm wide berths with high-quality mattresses, quilts and pillows. The price is NOK 950,- per compartment in addition to your ordinary fare.