On board

We have listed practical informasion about our products on board the train, along with information about luggage, universal accessibility, and more.

  • How about adding some comfort to your journey? NSB Komfort is a premium section of the train where your reserved seat is more like a workspace than a train seat.

  • Go to sleep in one town and wake up in a different part of Norway. NSB Sove makes travelling through the night easy as a breeze.

  • Our night-time comfort service costs NOK 220,- in addition to the normal ticket price. This offering is currently limited to Sørlandsbanen.

  • NSB Familie makes makes the train journey more exciting for the kids. This section includes a play room, moveis, books and more.

  • Sit back, close your eyes and relax. NSB Stille is a separate section of the train where you turn your phone off and unwind in peaceful surroundings - at no extra cost!

  • We offer a tempting selection of hot and cold dishes, snacks and drinks on board our regional lines.

  • Whether you are traveling alone or in groups, you can pre-order a delicious meal can be enjoyed at your seat.

  • On our shorter intercity lines we offer refreshments, coffee and other hot drinks through vending machines.

  • We offer free wireless internet access on board most of our trains.

  • NSB wants the train to be a practical means of transport for everyone. For this reason, when acquiring new trains and undertaking major modernisation of old ones, universal design is a priority.

  • Our trains are designed so that you can stow your luggage on a shelf above the seats. There is an allowance of 30 kilos (max 3 items) for hand luggage.

  • We wish all a nice journey – including pets. Learn about how to travel with pets on board our trains here.