Processing and use of personal data

In Norway, the processing of personal data is regulated by a specific legal act, the Personal Data Act of 14 April 2000 no. 31, and appurtenant regulations. This legislation defines the requirements for processing personal data and safeguards your right to protection from unreasonable intrusion into your privacy. It also allows you to check and oversee the data and information that organisations have about you.

NSB’s use of personal data

NSB takes matters of confidentiality seriously, not least out of respect for you as a customer. We process personal data strictly in accordance with the legislation in force at any time. You can find information about Norwegian data protection at

The data that NSB receives about you will be used to administrate our relationship with you and our attendant contractual obligations. These matters are regulated under section 8a of the Personal Data Act.

NSB aims to provide you, as our customer, with the best possible services, and we therefore want to offer you the opportunity of receiving other offers that we believe you will find interesting and to your advantage. If you register as a customer at "", you will be able to choose whether to receive further information from NSB and also what types of information. You can choose to receive only information about train traffic, such as cancellations and delays. If you consent to NSB using the information about you for marketing purposes, you will receive information about new products and special offers. We can also make you offers tailored to the information we have about you. In order to do this, we need to use the data we hold about you to create a personal profile. You are free to give or refuse your consent to the use of your details for marketing purposes and for creating a personal profile. You can withdraw your consent at any time at "min side" at

The information you provide will be used exclusively by NSB, which will be the data controller under the Personal Data Act. NSB has internal routines for the processing of personal data, and access to the data is protected by access controls and passwords. On occasion, NSB employs other companies to provide services, such as the dispatch and delivery of mail, responding to customer enquiries, incident logging, etc. In such cases, NSB will provide these companies with the data they need to perform the service, but they will only process the data on behalf of NSB and will not be permitted to use the data for purposes other than those ensuing from the contract with NSB. In other respects, your data will not be distributed outside of NSB without your consent, except where NSB is legally obliged to provide such data pursuant to section 19 of the Personal Data Act.

You have the right to be informed about what data is recorded about you, pursuant to section 18 of the Personal Data Act. If the data are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can at any time have them corrected, supplemented or deleted. You can do this by contacting NSB’s Service Centre on telephone + 47 23 62 02 60.

At "" you can:

  • view, edit or delete the data you have already save
  • give us your consent to send you updated information, or withdraw consent you have previously given.

The NSB App has access to the following:

Calling phone numbers directly
In the app, you have the option of calling our customer centre if you need assistance. We have made this facility easily accessible in the app, to save you from having to note down the number, exit from the app, access your mobile’s telephone function and then key in the customer centre’s number.

GPS-based location
With this function, if you have turned on your mobile’s GPS, the app will automatically propose the nearest train stations. This is done to simplify entering/searching for the station you want to travel from, which will typically be one of the stations closest to you.

Network communication
All information which you view in the app requires network access because it is downloaded from our systems. Network access may be by WiFi or over the mobile network.

The accesses that the app asks for are designed to make your user experience easier and more friendly. NSB does not store or process these data in any way whatsoever when you use the app.

The mobile phone’s ID
When you purchase tickets in the app, NSB stores the mobile phone’s ID. This is done for security reasons because the ticket can only be downloaded to a single device. In this way, the ticket is tied to one phone’s ID and cannot be sent or distributed to others. To cater for these security requirements, the phone’s ID is stored independently of the customer’s identity. There is no link whatsoever between the customer ID and the phone ID.