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Booking office in Norway

NSB Incoming Service
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The Rauma Railway

The Rauma Railway has more than a hint of magic as it snakes its way through the stunning Romsdalen valley. Where else can you experience such a wealth of contrasts and yet sit back with a sense of harmony in perfect balance? Looking out of the train’s panoramic windows, you will see snow-clad mountain peaks on the one side and lush green valley sides and the beautiful Rauma river on the other. The modern, comfortable trains and onboard electronic audio guide system mean that everything is in place for a wonderful experience.

For more information see our video and download the brochure and productmanual:

The Rauma Railway videopresentation
The Rauma Railway brochure
The Rauma Railway product manual

See also information about three different packages:

The Rauma Railway and Romsdalen
The Rauma Railway, Romsdalen and Ålesund
The Rauma Railway, Romsdalen and Ålesund 2

Pre-order food for your train journey

NSB offers the advantage of pre-ordering meals and beverages for small or large groups on board NSB trains, delivered directly to the customer’s seat. Order from our set menu, or contact us for a customized meal. We also deliver meals that can be taken onboard corresponding bus or boat trips. Meals can be ordered online or by telephone +47 40 00 15 34. The booking office is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Booking deadline is 48 hours prior to departure.

See for more information

Luggage services

Information about luggage and porter services serving NSB trains, please visit


The Rauma Railway
The Bergen Railway
The Nordland Railway
The Dovre Railway

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