Received a penalty fare?

Most people receiving a penalty fare do not travel without a valid ticket on purpose. We know it can feel unfair to receive a penalty fare and that is understandable.

The rules are as follows

  • It is your own responsibility to make sure you have a valid ticket for your entire journey with NSB.
  • Anyone who cannot show a valid ticket when tickets are checked will receive a penalty fare.
  • Generally, making a complaint will be difficult if you have forgotten or lost your ticket, or if your ticket is invalid.

Typical cases that will be rejected

  • A customer who runs out of battery on his/hers telephone/tablet, even if he or she has a valid ticket.
  • A customer in an unmanned carriage without a valid ticket. If you have not bought a ticket before embarking, you are responsible for contacting the conductor in a manned carriage.
  • A customer with a season ticket who forgot to validate the ticket upon travelling.

Tell us what happened

Could you present a valid ticket upon ticket inspection?

What do you want to do now?