Received a penalty fare?

Please contact us if you feel that you unjustly imposed to a penalty fare, or whether to delay a payment. You have 14 days to appeal from the date of issuance.

Want to make a complaint?

It is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid ticket for the entire journey. Generally, making a complaint will be difficult if you have forgotten or lost your ticket, or if your ticket is invalid.

Send a complaint

Payment issues?

Trouble paying? You can apply for a payment delay or partial payment of the fee depending on your needs.

Apply for a payment change

About penalty fare

The purchase and activation of electronic tickets occurs before boarding the train. All types of mobile tickets must be bought and activated before you board the train.

When tickets are checked, any passengers who do not have a stamped or otherwise validated ticket, an activated electronic ticket or a valid mobile ticket will be charged a penalty determined by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The penalty is currently NOK 1150,-

On the other hand, if the penalty is accepted straight away it can be settled on the spot and the penalty reduced to NOK 950,- In such cases, NSB then considers the matter to be settled and closed.

Ticket checks and penalty fares are under the authority of the Conditions of Carriage

Activation of electronic tickets

As a user of electronic tickets, it is your responsibility to check that your ticket is valid before you go on board.

Mobile tickets

Mobile tickets must be valid before you board the train.

Note! If a mobile ticket is bought for a specific departure, it cannot be used for other departure.

- You must have a valid ticket before you go on board
- It must be possible to read the screen and you must have enough battery life in your telephone/tablet for the length of the journey
- If you have bought tickets for others with your mobile phone, it is you who holds the tickets. Your mobile phone must therefore be available to those travelling with you when tickets are checked