Want to apply for a refund?

Please contact us if you want to apply for a price reduction, or compensation for expenses for alternative transportation or other expenses due to a delay or cancellation.

Apply for a price reduction due to delay

NSB customers who experience more than 30 minutes’ delay are entitled to a refund of 50 percent of the ticket price on most lines.

1. Delay over 60 minutes on NSB trains between Oslo and Trondheim, Oslo and Bergen, Oslo and Bergen, Oslo and Kristiansand/Stavanger, as well as Tronheim and Bodø.

2. Delay over 30 minutes on all other trains. If you are a season ticket holder (printed or electronic ticket), please use this form once the ticket has expired . If several claims for compensation relating to the same season ticket are made, these must be sent together to NSB on expiry of the ticket. Enter information about the sequence of events along with your customer and bank account numbers.

You can not claim a price reduction if you have been notified of a delay of 30/60 minutes before/when purchasing your ticket.

Apply for price reduction

Apply for a compensation due to delay

In situations where you must use alternate transportation or have other expenses due to a delay or cancellation, you can get a reimbursement for all or part of your expenses. This claim must be submitted in writing and without undue delay within 3 - three - months of the event, enclosing documentation.

Apply for refund