About the NSB Passenger Train Division

The NSB Group's passenger train business consists of NSB AS, and the subsidiaries NSB Gjøvikbanen AS and AB Svenska Tågkompaniet.

NSB's inter-city and commuter train services cover many of Norway's most important traffic arteries. The inter-city trains are tailored to our customers' journeys through a variety of services, such as KOMFORT (comfort class, specially designed for passengers wishing to work during their journey), SOVE (sleeper service, comfortable compartments with good mattresses, duvets and pillows), FAMILIE (family coaches for those travelling with children) and MENY (café or kiosk services, with a varied selection of food and drinks). Local and commuter services are tailored to passengers travelling locally, with many seats, ample space, large windows and air conditioning. The latest local trains are better equipped for disabled passengers and have electronic information systems. Toilets on board are designed for wheelchair users.

NSB is currently acquiring and modernising trains to the value of NOK 6 billion. These acquisitions will provide NSB with 14,000 more seats (the Passenger Train Division currently has 52,213 seats), representing a significant increase in capacity. In combination with the construction of a new infrastructure in the Østland region in 2012, NSB's new rolling stock and timetables now offers customers a significantly enhanced service, with frequent and regular departures and faster journey times.

NSB's subsidiary, Tågkompaniet, is a young company, founded in 1999. Tågkompaniet operates Swedish regional trains in Gävleborg County, the so-called X-tåget service, as well as regional train traffic in the Bergslagen region and between Örebro and Mjölby. Tågkompaniet also runs international services between Gothenburg and Oslo jointly with NSB. In addition, Tågkompaniet's subsidiary, Roslagståg, co-owned by the Danish rail operator DSB, operates Roslagsbanan, which comprises commuter services in the Stockholm region.

Tågkompaniet is looking to grow in a future competitive Swedish railway market. Firstly, by participating in competitive passenger train services, and secondly by growing our own traffic once the Swedish railways are opened up to free competition. In addition, cooperation between NSB and Tågkompaniet is to be expanded.


  • In Norway, passenger train operations generate turnover of NOK 6,577 million (2013).
  • 60,5 million journeys are made per year on NSB trains in Norway.
  • In 2005 NSB AS acquired 34% of the shares in Tågkompaniet, and as of November 2006 controlled all of the shares in the company.