Rallarvegen – The navvies road


Take the Bergen Railway from Oslo or Bergen to the mountains and experience Rallarvegen - Norway’s most scenic cycling route!  Rallarvegen is a beautiful trail that takes you on a steep ride through wild nature from the high mountain plateaus down to the fjord. You can bring your bike on the train or rent a bike at the station.     

About the trip

Rallarvegen is the old navvies’ road originating from the construction of the Bergen Railay in the early 20 th century.

Because of snow in the mountains, Rallarvegen normally opens in July. The trail is 80 km long and the trip can be completed in one day, but a lot of people choose to spend a couple of days on the trip. You can start the trip from Haugastøl or Finse and ride to Flåm – an alternative route is via Myrdal where you take the train to Upsete and continue to Voss.    

Recommended cycling times including regular breaks are: 

  • Haugastøl-Finse 4 hours (27 km)
  • Finse-Haugastøl 3 hours (27 km)
  • Finse-Fagernut 1 hour (10 km)
  • Finse-Hallingskeid 3 hours (21 km)
  • Finse-Myrdal 5 hours (38 km)
  • Finse-Flåm 7 hours (53 km)

All stretches can be completed more quickly, but most people prefer to take it easy, keep a slow pace and take plenty of breaks to enjoy the surroundings.

Rallarvegen has a rough surface, and we recommend that you use a bike with solid tires and good breaks. Remember to bring a helmet, a puncture repair kit, a pump and tools. The Rallarvegen has two exposed sections that require extra caution:

  • Down the Klevagjelet gorge, where the verges are ill-defined and plunge down into a wild river
  • Down the 21 hairpins from the top of Flåmsdalen, where we recommend walking with your bike

Bring you bicycle on the train

On the Bergen railway you can bring regular bikes. In some trains you need to reserve a space for your bike or trailer in advance. These are marked with a bicycle sign in the timetable.  

What do you need to do to bring your bicycle on the train?  

  • You need a valid ticket for yourself and for your bike / trailer
  • You can buy tickets for your bicycle from the NSB Call Centre on 815 00 888/(+47) 23 62 00 00, at nsb.no or from a manned station.
  • You can not buy bicycle tickets for the Bergen Railway and the Flåm Railay from a ticket machine
  • You will get two bicycle tickets - One to bring with you on the train, and a copy that you should attach to your bike
  • On trains where reservations are required, you will find the carriage number where you need to load your bicycle on the ticket. Place the bike in the goods compartment in this carriage
  • You will need to load and unload the bike/trailer yourself
  • At Haugastøl and Finse station there is staff to assist you with loading and unloading. 

Reservation is not possible on local trains (NSB Lokaltog )

  • The train personnel will assess whether there is sufficient space for your bicycle on the local train
  • You will need to load and unload your bike yourself. There is limited space for bicycles on the local trains. You will therefore need to remove any luggage from your bike before placing it. Your bike must remain unlocked on the train.  Folding bikes with maximum dimensions of 100x60x30 cm are regarded as ordinary hand luggage.  

The following trains have extra room for bicycles:

20 th of May– 27 th of September:

  • NSB Regional train no. 609 on the Bergen Railway from Oslo at 06.43 am to Bergen.
  • NSB Regional train no.  610 from Voss at 5.20 pm to Oslo.

These trains have a separate carriage for bikes and have more room for bicycles than other intercity trains. You will need to make a reservation in advance.

  14th of July – 17th of August:

NSB Lokaltog (local train) daily between Bergen and Haugastøl. Departure from Bergen at 06.51. No reservations

23rd of August – 21st of September

NSB Lokaltog (local train) between Bergen and Haugastøl Saturday and Sunday. Departure from Bergen at 06.51. No reservations.

Bicycles on the Flåm Railway

  • Bicycles should be delivered at a separate booth at the end of the platforms. Bikes are accepted and dispatched continuously on all trains between Flåm and Myrdal.   
  • 9 – 10 daily departures during summer.
  • It is not possible to reserve a space for your bike in advance, and the capacity is limited.
  • You should drop off/consign your bike as soon as you arrive in Flåm. This is important in order to make sure that your bike will be there to accompany you on the train you will be travelling with from Myrdal. The deadline for drop off in Flåm for the 08.35 morning departure is 7 pm the day before.  

Flåm station is open from 08.15 to 7.45 pm between the 27 th of April and 28 th of September, and from 08.40 to 5 pm from the 29 th of September.

Liability during transport

Bikes are transported at your own risk. 

Read more about bringing your bike on the train

Bike hire and accommodation

There are a number of companies along the Bergen Railway and in Flåm that rent out bikes. These bikes are modern and well-suited for the Rallarvegen route. The companies have special arrangements with NSB for transporting bicycles, so you don’t have to worry about reserving a space for your bike in advance.

Some of these companies offer package deals that include train tickets, accommodation and bike hire. Check our list below for suppliers.

Organised tours and bike rental

These companies offer tailored package deals for Rallarvegen:  

Accommodation and restaurants 

There are plenty of great places to stay in the area:    

Attractions and tourist information 

Take some extra time to experience the area: