Terms and conditions of carriage for sightseeing trips organised by FJORD TOURS AS

Trips purchased and paid for online:

If canceled unused tickets will be refunded by 75% until 14 days before departure. After that tickets can either be changed or refunded . If you have purchased trip cancellation insurance and the requirements of the insurance are satisfied, you will get a full refund . Fjord Tours insurance may be purchased together with your trip at a cost of NOK 150 per person per trip . Read more about trip cancellation insurance here. Partly used tickets are not refundable .

Should you need to cancel your trip but have not purchased trip cancellation insurance, you will need to get in touch with your insurance company to claim a refund where relevant. It is important that you are continuously covered by a valid travel insurance policy that covers both trip cancellation and other mishaps that may occur while you are travelling. 

General rules and conditions:

Who is responsible?
- The technical organiser is Fjord Tours AS.
- As operator, NSB AS shall ensure that you receive all necessary travel documentation, and is responsible for informing you of any significant changes that apply to your booking.
- You are responsible for bringing with you all travel documentation and ensuring that your tickets are in accordance with your booking.  

When can you book?

Trips may be booked on nsb.no up until the departure time of the train provided seats are available on the train and from any other subcontractors. Booked tickets may be printed out as PDF tickets.  

When does your booking become binding?
Your booking becomes binding as soon as it is paid for. These conditions apply from this point.  

How is payment made?
Tickets are paid for by credit card.  

What happens if you fall ill and have trip cancellation insurance?  
If you take out cancellation protection when you book a trip, you are entitled to cancel the trip free of charge after deduction of the cancellation protection fee. Cancellation protection gives you the right to cancel the trip in the event of sudden and serious illness, accidental injury or a death in your household or immediate family (spouse, live-in partner, children, parents, parents-in-law, or siblings) that prevents you making the journey or makes it unreasonable for you to do so. Circumstances must be documented by a medical certificate issued on forms approved by The Norwegian Medical Association and The Norwegian Tourism Forum. The cancellation protection fee is non-refundable.   
You also have the right to cancel if one of your travel companions is prevented from travelling, thereby making it unreasonable to require you to complete the package tour in his/her absence. Documentation of the grounds for cancellation must be presented at the latest one month from the date the event took place. If you booked a trip for which the price is based on two or more persons sharing the same room, cottage or apartment, cancellation protection will cover the extra charges which would otherwise have been incurred as a result of your being unable to take the trip.  

Cancellation protection also covers sudden and serious events, of which the customer was unaware, or could not be expected to be aware, upon entering into the contract, and where it would be unreasonable to demand that the customer complete the trip. Such circumstances may include e.g. significant damage to property. The circumstances must be documented by a police report or a certificate from an insurance company.  

To use trip cancellation insurance, the trip must be cancelled by phone NSB Call Centre (tel: (+47) 61 05 19 10). Necessary documentation must be sent to NSB Customer Services, Schweigaardsgate 23, Postboks 1800 Sentrum, 0048 Oslo.

What happens if something goes wrong?
Fjord Tours AS may cancel a trip in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as natural disasters, industrial disputes or similar, which make it difficult or inadvisable to undertake the journey (force majeure). The customer is not entitled to a refund if the interruption to travel is due to force majeure.

If something goes wrong during your trip you must notify the outlet where you purchased the trip as soon as possible (for nsb.no, contact NSB Call Centre, tel: (+47) 61 05 19 10), or FjordTours Customer Service Centre (tel: 0047 815 68 222) so that we can, where possible, rectify the problem. If you do not do this, you could lose the right to claim for the deficiency. If you wish to complain, this must be done as soon as possible to the company from which you purchased the trip (e-mail: servicesenter@nsb.no ).

What if we cannot reach an agreement?
If we cannot reach an agreement, you can contact The Complaints Board for Package Tours within four weeks from the date you received a final response from NSB AS. Tel: (+47) 22 54 60 02, between 9 am and 11 am.

Changes and errors in our printed materials and on our website
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