About our tickets

Standard tickets

Standard tickets are fully flexible tickets. They can be cancelled and refunded up to the time of departure.

Read about ordinary ticket terms and conditions


Every month, we make available thousands of Minipris fares from NOK 249,- on all NSB Regiontog (inter-city) departures. Minipris is an offer determined by by the interaction of demand and availability. Consequently, price may vary over time and you may find fewer Minipris tickets on the most popular departures.

Minipris tickets must be purchased no later than the day prior to travelling. Minipris tickets cannot be cancelled/exchanged or refunded.

Read more about Minipris term and conditions

Season tickets

If you are a frequent traveller, you can quickly save money by purchasing a season ticket. For season tickets, it's up to you to choose the start date and the duration. You can purchase a season ticket for 7 days (weekly), 30 days (monthly) or 12 months (yearly).

Read more about season ticket term and conditions

Child tickets

Children under 4 years of age travel free. One child, between the age of 4 to15 years, can travel for free with an adult with an ordinary ticket. Children are entitled to a 50% discount on standard adult ticket prices.

Child tickets are subject to the same terms and conditions as standard tickets.


Student single tickets

Students with student ID cards and confirmation of term fees having been paid, are entitled to a 25% discount on ordinary fares on all departures.

Student tickets are subject to the same terms and conditions as standard tickets.

Student season tickets

Students aged between 16 and 30 receive approx. 40% discount on 30-day season tickets. The student discount is valid until the month of your 30th birthday. ID and confirmation of term fees having been paid must be shown. Student discount can not be used on 7-day season tickets.


Travellers aged over 67 years, travellers receiving disability benefits in Norway, and travellers who are blind with identification from Norges Blindeforbund or Vestlandske Blindeforbund are entitled to a 50 % discount on standard fares.

Married couples over 67 years of age are each entitled to a 50% discount, if one of them meets the above requirements.

Reduced-rate tickets are subject to the same terms and conditions as standard tickets.

Cancel and refund

You can cancel your ticket within 4 hours after purchase; this qualifies for a full refund. Cancelling your tickets bought at nsb.no or using our app is easily done yourself, whilst tickets bought using one of our ticket machines must be cancelled at one of our manned stations or calling the NSB call centre.

The money will be refunded to your account within a few days.